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1. SOLD - File #1473 Little Lake Huron cottage of 1245 square feet. See Map Grid E4


2. SOLD - File#1460 Affordable cottage on Ice Lake. See Map Grid J3. See NEXT FILE for more pictures.


3. File #1488 Outside a Lake Huron cottage close to water. See NEXT FILE for more pictures. See Map Grid E4


4. SOLD - File #1431 Lake Manitou cottage with 60 feet of Rockville Road water frontage. See Map Grid M4


5. SOLD   File #1478 BC Lodge Pole Pine Cabin on Lake Kagawong. See Map Grid K4


6. SOLD - File #1486 Silver Lake cottage with no road in front. See Map Grid D3. SEE NEXT FILE for more pictures.


7. File #1501 Barrie Island family cottage on 2.9 acres with 197 feet of frontage. See Map Grid F2