Services Provider Cole McLaughlin                              Carpentry Provider Sean McLaughlin


McLaughlin Cottage & Home Care is able to provide the service of taking care of all your house and cottage outside chores for which you need help. We can do cleanup and disposal of anything, including debris, that the local transfer site or landfill site will not accept. Cleanup can include tree trimming, small tree removal, brushing and occasional grass cutting. Maintenance can include small exterior repair jobs. We can open and close cottages including the water system, docks, boats and outdoor spring cleanup. Perhaps you have sold your property and have agreed to vacant possession including junk and garbage. You or your Lawyer can contact us to do the job! Supervision for security and insurance purposes can be performed on a regular, agreed upon, schedule. We can remove snow and warm up your cottage should you wish to use it for a winter escape. McLaughlin Cottage & Home Care can do small driveway grading work and modest land tilling. We can arrange for fire wood and other deliveries such as 100 pound propane tanks to your property.  We can arrange to have pumps, motors and other equipment repaired. If we cannot do it, we can find and supervise someone who can! Contact us by calling or texting Cole McLaughlin at 705 282 4248 or emailing   Our mailing address is Box 181, Gore Bay ON P0P 1H0.   Cole will get back to you to discuss your needs.



McLaughlin Cottage & Home Care has a CARPENTER for many of your construction and renovation needs.   Contact us by calling or texting Sean McLaughlin at 705 282 4055  or emailing    Our mailing address is Box 181, Gore Bay    ON    P0P 1H0.   Sean will get back to you to discuss your needs.